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  1. Are there any dues?
    No.  Once in a great while we will solicit voluntary donations to pay for our website / hosting fees.

  2. What should I do when I show up for the first time? We are very informal...simply show up and find a place to set up and create!

  3. Do I have to participate in the sharing portion at the end of each outing?  Sharing is completely optional.  However, we do recommend that you attend, even if you chose not to share your own art.  Our sharing session can be very educational and it is a wonderful time to get to know your fellow artists.

  4. Are the artists willing to answer questions while they paint?  Yes.  Most of us are very welcoming and happy to answer your questions about equipment, plein air strategies, etc.

  5. What general advice do you have for plein air clothing? The time proven solution is to bring or wear clothing in several layers.  For footwear, something waterproof works well, as we often encounter wet grass in the mornings (slip-on garden clog shoes are very convenient).

  6. What are your tips for the first-time plein air artist? Approach the outing as a completely new arts experience: what you will create on the spot outdoors will often be different from what you may have done indoors.  Therefore, keep your expectations in check by thinking of plein air as a time to make studies, not finished, polished works of art — emphasize simplification and design.  

  7. How many artists attend the Saturday Sessions?  Attendance varies based upon location and weather.  It is normal to have twenty artists or more at any outing.

  8. How can I get COPA Logo Apparel?  We thought you would never ask!​ CLICK HERE to go to the COPA Apparel Order Page.

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