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(between white barn and field house)

537 Jones Road, Granville


Drop off/hang Friday 4/21 9:00-10:30   volunteer: Georgetta and Tim Darr

Exhibit is open to the public Saturday 4/22  11:30--6:00 volunteer:  Linda S Denney Shepard

Exhibit is open to the public Sunday 4/23 11:30-6:00 volunteer: 9:00-3:00 Sean Wang, 3:00-6:30 Karen Wedinger

Pick up art 4/23 6:00-6:30 volunteer: Karen Wedinger, Diana Andrews

(email tag information by April 14th) collect and make tags  volunteer: Kathy Grannan

nails and putty holes volunteer: Justin Colamore

early drop off location at her home  volunteer: 

Diana Andrews (to arrange a time)  614-395-1869

2 paintings per artist ~ no larger than 24" wide  ~ wire on back of art ~ frame or paint the edges ~ place your tag information on front 

Space may hold/display 20-30 paintings. 

First come ~ first displayed

Wire on your painting not a saw tooth.  Paint edges or frame. 

Format for your info:





Contact info 

Sales information:

Volunteers who will be staffing the show will have an Excel list of paintings and information useful for sale if desired.  When you send me the above info about your painting, please also send me your preferred method of payment.  Choices include cash or check which incur no additional fee; credit card (3% will be deducted by volunteer to cover credit costs), or possibly a trial of Venmo if you want to explore the app for how to pre-load a price into a QR code, print it smaller size,  and give a copy to add to the volunteer list for scanning./ payment.  You can also choose "contact artist directly" to negotiate terms of sale on your own. 


Below are show info reminders from Diana for all participants: 


~The image needs to be family friendly

~Identification tag on your art when dropping off

~There is no liability insurance

~Wire on back of art (frame or painted edges)

~Drop off 4/21 9:00-10:30 Bryn Du (art Center Gallery - between white barn and field house art building)

~Volunteers will deduct 3% for the use of credit card charge and getting the payment to you

~If artist isn't wanting credit card transactions and only contact artist for transaction, this needs to be noted on record keeping list. Cash and checks are accepted without fee.

~Artist is to give Bryn Du 20% of their sales  (hand to Tara G. or mail)  537 Jones Road, Granville, OH  43023  (sales from gallery during exhibit or if you are meeting up with the buyer at a later time)

~Pick up unsold paintings and cash/checks 6:00-6:30 Sunday 4/23

~Feel free to advertise exhibit and our onsite painting time March 25 10:00-5:00 and April 22 11:30-6:00  

 Thanks!!!  Kathy. 

We are invited to paint ~ OPEN OPPORTUNITY TIME!  (March 25 10:00-5:00 19th Annual Bryn Du Art Show). Great opportunity to paint something on the property for the April 21-23 display. 


We are invited to paint ~  (During our exhibit and Daffodil Show) April 22 Saturday 11:30-6:00 


Please be kind to our volunteers ~  No late delivery or early pick up.

No sales on the property unless it's the art hanging in our show. We are not being charged for this exhibit opportunity.  If someone is interested in the piece you are painting, please give them your contact information for a purchase at a later time.  Please park in the designated parking spots and use the porta john.  There will be so many visitors going into the mansion.  We will need to leave the walkways for them, but let them know about our exhibit.  

Feel free to advertise the exhibit!

**Thank you to all the volunteers**

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